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Public Safety

My staff and I are working closely with the police, business owners, schools, social services and the community to address your concerns about public safety. Every parent should feel comfortable with their child walking to school without fear of gun violence. I am committed to working toward this goal.


Economic Development

In order for business to thrive in our community we must give them every opportunity to succeed.  I will use menu funds to attract more retail to our ward and add lighting for safer streets. When we clean up our streets, more people will patronize our business, which in turn creates a local small economy that thrives. I am working with our three chambers of commerce to assist interested businesses in finding available space and incentives to make our ward their home.


With assistance from many of your neighbors that are serving on transition committees, I am creating a ward master plan that includes research from members of the community and specific consumer and infrastructure data, so that I can make informed decisions about businesses that will thrive in our ward.


To make sure that major development decisions are made with your input, I am creating a Zoning & Development Committee. This committee will include various community organizations, chambers of commerce, and most importantly, certified urban planners so I can make informed decisions.



Ethics, Accountability and Transparency

I am committed to involving you in the decisions that effect your home and neighborhood. I have an open door policy at my office where you can visit me and my staff to ask us questions about issues and events in the 46th Ward and at City Hall. We will be updating this website and posting announcements as issues come up both in your neighborhood and in City Hall.


Education and Job Development

As a former public school teacher, I know that a good principal, good teachers, and involved parents working together is the recipe for a successful school. We benefit when children attend schools closer to their homes because parents are more likely to get involved. To help facilitate this, I will help our neighborhood schools expand to become community centers including places for public meetings, for CAPS, and for events. Art, music, and physical education programs need to be restored, not only to give more balance to a child’s education, but also to lengthen the school day.


I plan to assist schools with improvements using menu funds and grants. I will work with each school to develop and implement needed programs to help students become more prepared as adults. As a member of the Youth Committee established by State Sen. Steans and State Rep. Harris, I found that many students and parents were not aware of afterschool programs that already exist. I will publicize information about after school and summer programs on this website and in other forums. I am working to expand scholarships to these programs so that more student are able to participate.




City Services

Starting June 1, I will expand my office hours into the evenings and every Saturday to provide feedback on your concerns or any controversial matters going before City Council for a vote. I will be working closely with all city departments to make sure that your concerns are addressed in a timely manner. I want you to contact and visit me to make sure our ward is running smoothly.




I promote the use of evidence-based, best practices when it comes to management of residential buildings. I want to make sure that residents in the 46th Ward feel safe in their homes, no matter where they live.


Citywide, I want to create tax incentives to build more affordable housing in areas with lower rates of poverty. As studies have shown, mixed income housing creates a better community for everyone.


Social Services

To deal with our current financial crisis in the City, we must make sure every penny going to our community services is used wisely and responsibly. I believe compassion mixed with accountability serves to empower people for real change. Care needs to be coordinated and grounded in the use of evidence based, best practices that are proven to change people’s lives.



TIFs (Tax Incremental Financing)

TIFs can be important to the elimination of blight, but more accountability and transparency is needed.



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