These are the finalists for the mural submissions from various artists from the City of Chicago (some from Uptown). Please vote for one mural that you would like to see adorn each of the viaducts. The top one will be commissioned for each of the Wilson and Lawrence Viaducts respectively.

1)  Art Deco & Music Themed

This mural is an Art Deco inspired submission spelling out UPTOWN in 8 geometric/graphic panels and dot patterns to reflect signage with rows of electric bulbs.
The second features the same inspiration with a music theme layered with elements of architecture from the neighborhood.

uptown_mural_mayer (4)

2)  Mural featuring Historical and Photographic Scenes taken by Uptown Residents

*Any color can eventually be used in this mural, the green color used is merely as a template.

photo (37)

3) Mural of Famous People Portraits

This mural submission is a template of the artist’s style and can feature diverse portraits of famous uptown residents and non-residents.

Elizabeth Chin Sample

4) Mural of City Scenes

This mural submission features a classic rendering of an urban environment with nostalgic themes.