Certain streets restrict parking to neighborhood residents. Vehicles parking on these streets during specified hours are required to display a valid residential parking permit. Only residents of zoned streets and adjacent buffer zones are eligible to purchase parking permits. Buffer zones include streets that touch a street with zoned parking only. Businesses are not eligible to receive residential parking permits. Click here to check if you are eligible for a residential parking permit.



Below is a map of 46th Ward parking zones. Each of these zones has a specific block or blocks where signs are posted informing drivers that they must display the appropriate permit or else risk receiving a ticket from police. In addition, each RPP zone is created with a “buffer zone.” The buffer zones do not have any RPP signs posted, and you will not be ticketed for parking on these blocks. However, all those who live in a buffer zone are eligible to purchase the RPP stickers and/or temporary parking passes in the event that they need to park on a nearby street where signs are present.


Applications for the RPP sticker are currently available at the City Clerk’s Office.  Temporary guest passes are available at the City Clerk’s Office, on their website, and at the 46th Ward Service Office.  If you would like to learn more about the RPP program or find out how and where to purchase an RPP sticker and guest passes, you can go to www.chicityclerk.com, call 312.744.5346, or contact the 46th ward office.


46th Ward Parking & Buffer Zone Map (pdf)

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